The Art of Moving On - The Science & Psychology of Turning Heartbreak Into Transformation

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Are you trapped in the emotional maze of heartbreak, unable to find the exit?

Navigating through heartbreak can feel like a never-ending cycle of clichéd advice and hollow comfort, all while wading through an ocean of confusing therapeutic terms and self-help jargon. You're left wondering—am I the problem?

Here's the truth: It's not you; it's the game. And the game has changed.

Modern-day heartbreak is different. Toxic dopamine loops, excessive exposure, and the illusion of choice are just some of the factors that make dating more challenging than ever.

What's missing is understanding. Specifically, the science and psychology that keeps you stuck and prevents you from moving on.

The Art of Moving On is both your bible and blueprint for how to finally move on and turn heartbreak into immense personal transformation.

Written by internationally renowned life coach Manj Bahra, you will learn how to:

  • Implement Quick Wins: Recommendations for how you can get off to a flying start and build momentum quickly instead of constantly feeling stuck.
  • Solve The Psychology Keeping You Heartbroken: Develop a detailed understanding of the six psychological effects that make moving on so hard, including how to combat them.
  • Develop Emotional Mastery & Destroy Self-Sabotage: Create a toolkit for emotional control to quit overthinking, snap out of anxiety rapidly, and access confidence at will. Learn how to break free of self-sabotaging behaviours that attract the same partner with different faces.
  • Re-Wire Your Beliefs From Heartbroken To Magnetic: Say goodbye to "I'm not good enough" as you shatter your limiting beliefs and replace them with seeds that grow into the most magnetic and attractive version of yourself.
  • Create A Tailored Strategy For Healing Heartbreak: No more generic, cookie-cutter advice. Design a strategy for moving on that is backed by science and perfectly tailored to your unique situation, allowing you to heal heartbreak as fast as possible.
  • Start Attracting The Love You Deserve: Learn how to start living a life that embodies your most magnetic self and starts to attract higher quality relationships based on mutual affection, NOT dependency for validation.
  • Become Your Own Coach: Master the art of self-coaching through an in-depth understanding of your behaviour and learning how to create new habits that automate success in all areas of life.

In addition to all the above, you'll find numerous practical exercises and worksheets to help you put content into practice.

"Since working with Manj, I'm now an even better version of the person I used to be before going through some tough times. I am in a happy and fulfilling relationship, I have won a Commonwealth Games, and more importantly, I have that spring back in my step, my heart feels full, and my head is always held high."

- Sarah Davies (Commonwealth Gold Medalist & Olympian)

"Before working with Manj, I was in a 20-year relationship with someone who was gaslighting me and giving me mixed signals. I couldn’t figure out how to extricate myself from the mental anguish and the obsession. Manj has helped me make the mind shift from obsessing about someone to focusing on a bigger mission in my life."

- Syren (AVN Award-winning actress)

This book is for anyone who wants to cut through the noise online and create profound change in their life.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Let "The Art of Moving On" show you a new path towards the life you deserve instead of living one you tolerate.

Make it happen.

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The Art of Moving On - The Science & Psychology of Turning Heartbreak Into Transformation

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